9,000+ Car Parking Spaces Delivered in Australia & New Zealand!


Recently, we reached a major milestone: delivering 9,000+ car parking spaces over 600+ systems in Australia & New Zealand built by KLAUS Multiparking.

Space saving benefits lead to strong
market demand

We’re thrilled to see the rapid growth in demand for our car parking solutions over recent years.

Our car stacking technology allows architects to meet the legally required number of car parks into a smaller space. Architects and developers are looking for solutions, and KLAUS products meet that need.

Furthermore, private homeowners are finding that installation of a car stacker in inner-city homes can ensure enough space for an extra bedroom or living area – greatly increasing the property’s value.

Car parking solutions all over Australia and
New Zealand

Interact with the map below to see our project locations across Australia and New Zealand.

Did you know? Facts about KLAUS Australia 

  • The first car stacker from KLAUS in Australia was a four space stacker installed in 1993 and is still operational
  • The Australian business was restructured in May 2016 and is now a direct subsidiary of KLAUS Germany 
  • We have three directors from both Germany and Australia
    • Eddy Saleika, Managing Director & CEO KLAUS ANZ and expert on the car stacking market in Australia and New Zealand
    • Günther Seiderer, former Director KLAUS Germany, with 40 years of experience in the mechanical car parking industry. Gunther is involved in many operational, consulting and strategic plans, works closely with Eddy and visits three or four times each year 
    • Michael Groneberg, Director, KLAUS Germany, facilitator between Germany and Australia – Managing Director and director in Australia is always available to share expertise and insights and hear from the developments in the Australian market. He also visits regularly to liaise with our clients and team 
  • There are now nine complete fully-automatic MasterVario systems in Australia, including: 
  • We have two more fully-automatic car parking projects on the way, both in Melbourne: 
    • A long-term rental apartments solution in Southbank 
    • A luxury residential building featuring numerous high-end apartments in the CBD
  • We have a strong team of consultants with impressive technical knowledge of car stacking solutions. Our fully-automatic systems are long-term construction projects that require considerable knowledge in engineering, construction and architecture. With fifteen years of experience, our team has the greatest technical knowledge of car stackers in the country, enabling us to provide an unrivalled level of technical consultation and insights to our clients 
  • Not forgetting our team who consult on semi-automatic and other systems. Our Sales Manager Daniel has an architectural background which assists him in providing complex technical advice to our clients
    • For more on Daniel, watch him answer commonly asked questions about car stackers in this video
  • We are dedicated to sustainability, which is why our products are built to last (and why our 1993 car stacker is still working smoothly). By employing responsible manufacturing processes we eliminate unnecessary wastage and ensure our products are ethical and sustainable

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