Car Stackers

Suitable for stacking two to three cars vertically, our car stackers offer the best car parking solutions for private, residential and small-scale developments.

Independent Parking

Being able to build downward gives you a huge advantage. Each vehicle can be reached independently of any other, using a system with one or two platforms.

Dependent Parking

Our efficient stack parkers are the perfect solution when a pit is not an option. With these systems, vehicles are parked on platforms arranged one on top of the other. For us, this means dependent parking since the bottom parking space must be empty in order to lower the platform. These systems can be installed in existing buildings. Depending on the height restrictions, systems that stack up to three vehicles high are available.

Highlights of our Car Stackers

  • two to six parking spaces per individual system
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • single width or double width platforms
  • with or without a pit
  • independent or dependent parking
  • numerous variants can be manipulated to meet the different requirements of cars and buildings—width, height, length, and weight
  • suitable for disabled parking access and compliant with all federal and state disability parking schemes

Why Choose KLAUS

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