Semi-Automatic Car Parking Systems

New generation KLAUS TrendVario 6000 series is finally here!

For maximum flexibility and comfort, nothing beats the TrendVario system. Our semi-automatic car parking systems can be combined and even expanded later to double the number of available parking spaces. The mobile parking spaces can be shifted both horizontally and vertically. Press a button, hop in and drive off. Simple.

  • 3-29 parking spaces per system
  • single platform widths
  • pit or no pit
  • maximum flexibility
  • horizontal and vertical movement behind manual or electric gates
  • high parking volume
  • systems can be combined for greater parking density
  • best operating comfort via dialogue display or additional remote control
  • fully automatic sequence for fixed parking spaces
  • high degree of security
  • direct access to each grid require

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Semi-Automatic Car Parking Systems Reviews

4 Reviews

We worked with Klaus to...

“...get a custom semi automatic car stacker option for a narrow and confined space space that could not be used for residential space. The addition of the car stacker makes for a very economical use of space for the development.”

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1 year ago

In our small development, using...

“...a car stacker meant that we could fit more cars into a much smaller space and the cars can be accessed easily by owners. Good job Klaus.”

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1 year ago

I would definitely recommend working...

“...with Klaus to any architect, property developer or builder. Australia can be seen behind the times in the construction industry so features like car stackers that are so common in Europe and Asia are important to introduce here as well. Klaus is definitely making that happen.”

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1 year ago

Everyone knows the best products...

“...are made in Germany and Klaus is no different. The team are very knowledgeable and have us expert advice on incorporating the car stacker into the design for the apartment development. We brought the Klaus team in early and that was a bonus because they worked with our architect in the planning stage which made the process efficient.”

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1 year ago

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