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As electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, the demand for electric charging is growing daily. Naturally, as we are trading in the parking industry, we explored the possibility to have EV charging capability to be integrated into our systems. We are currently able to provide and integrate EV charging capability as part of our accessory range.


With the growing demand for EV charging capability across the parking system industry, we are now offering EV charging capability within our systems. KLAUS will provide the stand to mount all these unit to new and existing parking systems. We will be offering these units as part of our accessories range, and these units will be available pre and post installation. Some available features include:

  • RFID authentication for extra security
  • meter reading capability for power consumption tracking
  • master-slave setup (for multiple units)
  • load management (managing peak time – only for master-slave setups)
  • universal plug (compatible with all electric vehicles)

We are able to provide this EV charging capability to all of our product range, however there are a few requirements to ensure a smooth installation process:

  1. the system must be a KLAUS product.
  2. platform width is recommended to be 2,500mm and above (>LP250).
  3. power requirement:
    1. 240V socket (slower charging rate, but a cheaper option for just 1-3 units)
    2. 3-phase, 415V, 20Amps power supply (faster charging rate, more effective for multiple units, above 4 units)
  4. lead times of 6-7 weeks to install (planning + manufacture + shipping from Germany)

Alternatively, we are able to just provide the means to mount your available unit instead. In any case, the above requirements still apply. Please call us for more information regarding this product and we will be able to help you find the best solution for your EV Charging Unit.

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