German innovation, Australian drive

For fifty years KLAUS Multiparking has been a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative parking systems. Since launching in Germany in the 1960s, we have expanded our reach across the globe and are now represented in 65 countries worldwide.

The Australian office was launched in 2003 to meet a clear market demand for car stackers that delivered on design, features and service support.

Since then, the Australian KLAUS business has grown exponentially, gaining a reputation for excellent products, technical innovation and strong customer service. KLAUS Multiparking ANZ takes pride in its collaborative approach to working with partners, including traffic engineers, town planners, local councils, architects and developers.

A restructure of the business in May 2016 created a wholly factory owned subsidiary in Melbourne, which provides a solid and reliable business structure. It enables the Australian management team to concentrate on continuing to deliver innovative car parking solutions to the Australian market.

With our knowledge in the planning scheme, Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards, we offer valuable resources to our clients. We work together during the conceptual and design stages to ensure the best outcome and spatial considerations.

The combination of German technology and manufacturing innovation with Australian customer service is what makes KLAUS Multiparking ANZ the leading provider of car stacking solutions.

Free traffic engineer training with KLAUS Multiparking

This program gives traffic engineers an in-depth summary of our car stacker products. It provides behind-the-scenes access to our car stackers in operation. These exclusive free events will provide you with in-depth technical insights about our fully automated car stackers. Spaces are limited to just fifteen people per seminar, so register your interest now and we’ll notify you when the next workshops are scheduled.


In the 1960s, Germany was booming with development and KLAUS was a local manufacturing company with a history of pioneering inventions, such as mechanics for carousels, built-on excavators and loading cranes. As car parks were springing up across the country, the company identified the opportunity to create a space saving solution with mechanical technology.

KLAUS’s products were quickly welcomed by the European market and the company gained a reputation for innovation and technical brilliance as it expanded its global reach. In 1988 KLAUS released its space saving semi-automatic systems, followed by fully automatic systems in 1993. With its ongoing dedication to research and development, the company continued to add new features to ensure its products remained the most technologically advanced solution on the market.

In recent years the KLAUS brand has continued its global expansion, winning awards for its innovative products that provide space saving car parking solutions for all kinds of developments, including individual homes, apartments, government and private offices and public and private car parks.


We are committed to:

  • finding innovative ways to store more cars within limited spaces
  • dramatically increasing the yield of projects though consolidated on-site parking
  • continually investing in research and development, to ensure our products remain the most tested and technologically advanced on the market worldwide
  • offering our expertise to our customers, providing assistance with drawings, planning, development, government liaison and other elements of projects
  • providing excellent after sales care, with ongoing training, user friendly inductions and technical support