Car Stacker Frequently Asked Questions


We always strive to be as helpful as possible, so today we’re answering a few frequently asked questions. Here’s everything architects, builders and developers need to know about car stackers.

How much money can I save with a car stacker?

Your budget will enjoy savings on building, security, lighting and access for your parking space, meaning you have more space for extra features, such as more offices or apartments for sale. Your accountant will thank you.

How long does it take to manufacture a car stacker?

Typically, our manufacturing process takes about ten weeks to construct your car stacker.

Where are the car stackers made?

Our car stackers are manufactured in Germany.

What are car stackers made from?

Each car stacker is made from a self-supporting steel construction holding pallets and conveying units. The steel construction is fixed to the ground using glue dowels, then supported to the wall mainly with rubber buffers.

What lighting is in the parking space?

The lighting in the transfer cabin can be integrated in the control system. Most transfer cabins have a minimum of 500 lux lighting and system areas have a minimum of 50 lux.

What noise reduction features are in place?

Our systems fulfil the requirements according to DIN 4109 on condition that the building provides a sound reduction index R’w of at least 57 dB(A).

Are the dimensions the same for every car stacker?

Not only do the dimensions vary between machines, dimensions can vary for every single space at the same property. Each space is adjusted to fit the car using it. A Klaus technician will need to make some minor adjustments to suit the particular vehicle parking on it’s designated platform.

End User Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally you’ll be thinking of your end-user whether it be your client or their tenants when it comes to car stackers. Here are some typical questions that users may ask you.

How do I use the car stacker?

You need to book an induction session where our technician will provide training a lesson on how to use the technology, to ensure you use it safely.  System, not only do we want to ensure the safety of each vehicle, but also the person parking within the system. This is our number one priority.

Can different cars be parked in the same space?

Not all, there are height, length and weight limitations and even the distance of the wheels on a car can impact how a car can safely park.  Each space is configured for the safe parking of a single car.

What kind of car will fit into a car stacker space?

Our car stackers easily accommodate most typical cars including sedans, four wheel drives, SUVs and hatchbacks.

If I buy a new car do I need to notify anyone?

Yes, users will need to contact us so we can check that your new car will fit into your space and perform the appropriate safety checks.