Car Park Stackers Servicing Overview

We are one of the leading suppliers of mechanical car parking equipment in Australia and we provide the very best servicing to maintain the longevity of our products.

In Germany, where our systems are designed and manufactured, our systems are operating in perfect condition after 40 years of use, as a result of our factory approved service and maintenance programs.


Service help for users, body corporates and real estate agents

We offer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our service team are always on standby ready to attend to any problems you may face in using our car parking stackers. Our technicians can often provide consultation via telephone, solving the problem in minutes. Otherwise, our technical team can visit the site in person to investigate.

Even if you have an operational question, like wanting to know the exact dimensions, needing training for new tenants or considering a new service, maintenance or repair contractor, contact our friendly team today to have your questions answered.

User Induction

As a user of our car parking solutions, you must be comfortable and confident operating our machines. Importantly, you must also be aware of safety considerations. Different systems accommodate different sizes of vehicles, so it is important that we check the dimensions before you attempt to access the car space.

Induction and training for new users is essential and is a safety recommendation of DIN EN 14010 (Power operated mechanical parking systems for motor vehicles). During induction you get a key or remote and an operation manual for future reference.

Appointments take 15-30 minutes and induction fees may apply.

Got more questions about inductions? See our FAQs or contact us to speak to one of our friendly team.

Everything was great!

User Induction Survey

Technician was amazing!! 🙂

User Induction Survey


The KLAUS team work hard to provide a personal and professional service. It’s a pleasure working with KLAUS customers!

We appreciate hearing your customer feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and would like to talk to a friendly team member.

If you love our product and service, we would appreciate if you could take a short moment to leave KLAUS ANZ a Google Review. Thank you!

Leave a Google Review

I was lucky to have had your service technician come out to rescue me as I had left my Fob in the car. He was an utter gentleman. He also showed me the best way to take my car out and put it back into the cage. He was very pleasant to deal with.

Lazar Hoffman

Yesterday evening your technician attended my building to get the parking system working. He was excellent. He spent at least 90 minutes on site and was extremely professional throughout this period. He persevered through several potential fixes that did not work. I cannot commend his customer service highly enough.

Patrick Hayes

I had an unfortunate incident with my car in the stacking system today and was very distressed. The wonderful technician Steve not only sorted everything out for me, but was so kind and supportive throughout the time he spent with me. Very impressed with your staff.

Pamela Argyriou, Business Development - Primary Care

Service and Warranty Packages

Our car parking solutions are built to last, however, they do require annual service and maintenance to keep operating in top condition. We understand that each building has different needs.

Our service and warranty packages offer twice annual services, extended warranties, use of genuine German manufactured parts, and high quality specialised mechanic service to your car parking system.

24 Hour Emergency

We are here to help in an emergency. In the majority of cases we can guide you over the phone to correct the problem. On site support is available for sites that have service agreements in place. Conditions apply.

BUSINESS HOURS (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm)

Telephone 1300 4KLAUS (1300 455 287)


Contact our on-call technician

Victoria: 0450 127 563
New South Wales: 0428 130 686
Western Australia: 0408 153 034

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