Fully-Automatic Car Parking Systems

Absolute comfort with car parking comes with fully automatic parking systems. The MasterVario range is our premium parking solution. With no long waiting times and no worrying about damage, this gets your car parked comfortably, securely and reliably.

These systems can be installed above ground, underground or a combination of both. 

Space saving solutions for property developments

If your project needs a lot of parking but doesn’t offer much space, then consider the range of MultiVario parking options. Each fully automated system stacks cars into amazingly small spaces and uses impressive technology to make your car is available via lift with the touch of a button.

Reduce your car parking space by up to 50 percent compared to conventional parking.

  • 5-150 parking spaces maximum
  • fast vehicle access speeds
  • secure vehicle accommodation
  • protection against theft and damage
  • safe access to the parking area without narrow ramps or dark corners
  • ramps, lanes and stairwells not required—saving even more space
  • extras like lighting, ventilation and sprinkler systems are also not needed—reducing costs
  • construction time can be reduced
  • space savings can be used for more parking or additional building features
  • single access require

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Fully-Automatic Parking Systems
Always a Premium Solution 

Fully-Automatic Car Parking Systems Reviews

3 Reviews

From the moment we first...

“...spoke to Klaus we knew we had made the right choice. Incorporating the car stacker into the build became easy because the Klaus team guided the entire process, creating a custom solution for our development, keeping us posted during manufacturing and liaising on-site with builders and other stakeholders to make the installation process smooth and seamless.”

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5 years ago

Thank you to Klaus, the...

“...car stacker is my favourite part of the project, we are thrilled with the technology and it is a good selling feature for the property.”

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5 years ago

Klaus was a standout choice...

“...for us. Their attention to detail and experience made us feel safe in good hands. They worked hard to create the right custom car stacker for our development, considering factors that we hadn’t considered. The German made product is of top quality too. Highly recommended.”

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5 years ago

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