Your mechanical car parking system questions answered


Our Sales Manager and Technical Consultant answers common questions about mechanical car parking solutions.

The questions include:

  • How can we achieve parking efficiency for a large amount of car parking spaces? 
  • How can car parking solutions save costs on construction? 
  • Is mechanical parking the best solution? (his answer will surprise you)
  • Are mechanical car parking systems safe? 
  • How do we get the best car parking solution for a project? 
  • What stage of the planning process should we start thinking about car stackers? 
  • What is the process of ordering a car parking system? 
  • How is the car parking system maintained after installation?
  • What sort of industry training does Klaus offer?
  • What are your favourite projects so far? 
  • What future developments do you see in the market?

Watch the video to see the answers! 

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