multibase U10
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Hide your cars underground with the “Disappearing Effect” of the Underfloor System. This premium system comes in one or two levels underground. The uppermost platform, the top deck, flush finishes when fully lowered, which allows decorative design according to your likings – for an increased value of your property.

When fully lowered, the Multibase U10 or U20, can be drive-through, thus, can be used in narrow courtyards, front gardens, or in front of another one of our systems. Their premium design offers maximum comfort with optimum space utilization.


Project Documents

Data Sheet Multibase U10 (391KB)

DWG – U10


  • Independent parking
  • 1 underground level
  • 1 underground spaces
  • Indoor/Outdoor system
  • Traversible upper platform
  • Pit depth anywhere from 2,500mm to 2,850mm
  • Pit length 5,300mm/5,500mm
  • Pit width anywhere from 2,750mm to 3,100mm
  • Height anywhere from 2,050mm and up
  • Usable platform width anywhere from 2,300mm to 2,700mm
  • Usable platform length 5,000mm/5,200mm
  • Weight options 2.0t/2.6t
  • No gates required due to key switch operation
  • Top deck flooring is available to various materials
  • Separate maintenance shaft is required


Upgrades and optional extras available for your KLAUS parking system.

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