Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC

mastervario R3

Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC

We’re delighted Melbourne’s Light House tower has now completed construction! KLAUS is proud to have supplied the multiparking solution, redefining apartment living.

Incorporating 157 KLAUS parking space system, MasterVario R3C, Shelf System. One of Australia’s largest multiparking systems!

Check out the MasterVario in action below

The hidden gem

When the project was featured on Open Homes Australia, the developer from Hengyi Pacific, Dean Fossey, said the car stacker was his favourite part of the project. “The hidden gem, the car stacker, it’s proven technology in Asia and Europe, really common over there, and here at Lighthouse we’ve got the largest operational car stacker in Australia  and we’re really proud of it.”

Check out our Insight for the full story of this amazing project.




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