How Long Does It Take To Build And Install A Car Stacker?


If you’re an architect, developer or builder, you may be wondering how long it takes to build and install a car stacker. In this article, we will take you through the process from initial discussions to final delivery of your car stacker.

A car stacker from KLAUS is a sophisticated piece of high-tech machinery. So of course, it doesn’t take just a few days to build. Each car stacker configuration is assembled to your project specifications in Germany, to our exact manufacturing standards. Good quality takes time and is worth the investment!

Today we are outlining the stages we go through in the delivery of a standard car stacker or semi-automated system. It starts with initial discussions and planning, followed by manufacturing in Germany and then installation of the car stacker. Lastly, we enter an ongoing maintenance phase to ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of our stackers. 

Please keep reading for more information on these stages!

Ordering & Planning

Our in-house architects work closely with you to review drawings, and agree to every element with your architects and builders. Then, the contract is signed and we visit the site to create shop drawings specifying layout plans and selections and include the site dimensions. We nominate the car stacker system that will be used and show all the accessories and items that will be included in the project. Your builder must sign the drawings and return them to us, thus authorising us to proceed with manufacturing.

  • Drawings and Price Proposal – anywhere from two days to six months (this depends on the status of the project)
  • Signing contract – one to three days
  • Site visit – approximately  one day
  • Shop drawings – approximately one week

Manufacture & Shipping

The German team reviews the drawings to make sure all details are correct and then it takes ten weeks to build the car stacker.  Following manufacturing, shipping takes about nine weeks, on average.

  • Manufacturing – approximately one week to review, ten weeks to build.  
  • Shipping – approximately up to nine weeks
  • Customs clearance and delivery to Klaus warehouse – approximately one week


The site must be clean and ready for installation, and we need clear and uninterrupted site access for delivery and installation of the parking system.  The installation and commissioning time depends on the number of car stackers included in your order.

It’s always a thrill to see the car stacker that we’ve been working on for many months finally installed and operational. We provide you with a certificate of compliance and then issue a new contract for the maintenance of the car stacker.

  • Installation Small Projects: typically between 3 to 10 Days
  • Installation Larger projects: typically between 2 to 6 Weeks

Training & Maintenance

Once the stacker is installed and the Service Contract has been approved. There are two important on-going elements: maintenance and safety.

Each user must book an induction prior to using the car stacker to learn exactly how to use the technology. This equipment is carrying vehicles so it is absolutely vital to keep it running safely.  

Our team of in-house technicians regularly visit your site to and ensure your car stacker is running smoothly. Worldwide, many of our car stackers are operating perfectly decades after use thanks to our strident maintenance programs.

  • Training & Maintenance – on-going

Please note, the lead times provided above are based on a standard car stacker or semi-automated system order. Please contact us directly to further discuss your project and we can advise on the lead times.

Want to find out which car stacker choice is right for your next project? Contact our friendly team today.