Remote Control Integration with Car Stackers


Simplifying your access

Did you know that some of our car stacking systems come with remote control technology for users?

Just like a remote for the TV, appliance or garage door, integrated remote control use is available for some of our car stackers. Furthermore, users can also control the parking and removal of their car using an smartphone app.

Users of our semi automatic TrendVario and fully automatic MasterVario systems can access the car stacker technology without leaving their vehicle. With a touch of your phone screen or remote control, the car stacker system does all the work.

Bluetooth integration can be specified as an option during the manufacture stage of the parking system to allow for use with current and future apps. 

Architects, designers and engineers looking for a fully integrated technology-driven car stacker system appreciate the use of these innovative features in our car stacker products.

Please contact the team at KLAUS to discuss how we can incorporate this impressive technology to simplify and speed up your users’ enjoyment of their a KLAUS Parking System.