Why is Sydney behind Melbourne for car stacker installation?


While car stackers and mechanical parking systems are well established here in Melbourne, their presence in Sydney is still in its infancy...

While car stackers and mechanical parking systems are well established here in Melbourne, their presence in Sydney is still in its infancy. We’ve all heard of the famous Sydney/Melbourne rivalry. When it comes to installation of car stackers in Melbourne and Sydney, Melbourne is the clear leader.

But why?

Everyone knows that Sydney is a city famous for its architecture. So, it’s mystifying to realise that Sydney has not embraced car stacking technology. Other cities famous for design and architecture like Berlin, Oslo, Munich and London have welcomed car stackers. It’s not like Sydney to lag behind. This is the city of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge after all!

So few car stackers in Sydney? Here’s the reason

As leading installers of car stackers in Australia, we’re always talking with clients— developers, builders and architects from across the country.

And they all tell us the same thing.

Town planners and local authorities are more hesitant of semi-automated systems. Especially when compared with traditional stack parkers. Sydney developers, architects and builders are struggling to get permits, particularly when semi-automated systems are involved.

In a highly populated harbour city, where every square inch of real estate is in high demand, this is crazy. Because car stackers save so much space, you would think that a space-poor city like Sydney would be crawling with the technology. But the opposite is true. Councils and town planners are reluctant to give permits. So, Sydney is lagging behind.


It’s a similar problem for a top TV renovation show

Have you ever wondered why The Block is always filmed in Melbourne? Earlier this year, show host Scott Cam said that the top rating reality TV show is unlikely to return to Sydney. It’s because the councils are too “strict and unaccommodating.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Scott Cam said, “We need to get the council on board with us. That’s our biggest problem.” He also said that councils didn’t deem what the show was doing to be a full construction zone.

Meanwhile, Melbourne, Scott Cam said, gets behind the TV show production. “The Victorian Government realise that we bring about $20 million into the economy.”

Consequently, just like our car stackers, The Block is in Melbourne to stay.

Great Sydney car stacker solutions for developments

There are some stackers in New South Wales, and two types of car stacker systems are most popular. Firstly, small, highly personalised systems for private residential use are perfect for elite Sydney properties. Secondly, bespoke fully-automated systems from our MasterVario range, which represent the uppermost end of our premium product line are also in demand. In future, we believe that our TrendVario range offers the perfect blend of efficiency, safety, and economy for the Sydney property development market.

Calling all Sydney developers, town planners or engineers

We are hoping help change this lack of car stackers in Sydney. We want to bring this impressive technology to more people in our country’s largest city. Are you a developer, town planner, or traffic engineer working in Sydney? Do you have exposure to projects integrating mechanical parking systems? If so, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and opinion to help us. We can help you provide the best parking solutions in Sydney.

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