The lowdown on fully-automatic car stacker systems


Is a fully-automatic car stacking system right for your project? We explore the benefits of fully-automatic systems.

Considering a fully-automatic car stacker? Like the name suggests, a fully-automatic car stacker does all the heavy lifting—literally. Read on to learn more about our fully-automatic range.

What is a fully-automatic car stacker system?

Quite simply, fully-automatic systems means exactly that—users simply drive in and the stacker does the work. It stores the car safely and securely, saving massive amounts of space. Fully automatic car stacking systems are often considered the premium standard of car stackers because semi-automatic systems require more user input.

What are the benefits?

Fully-automatic car stacking systems offer numerous benefits:

  • can be built above or below ground (or a combination of both)
  • saves up to 50% of space when compared with traditional car parking
  • can fit cars into amazingly small spaces
  • saves users time
  • users can drive in and out without reversing
  • can accommodate up to 150 cars
  • keeps cars securely parked for added user peace of mind

Which is the best fully-automatic system for my project?

Of course, it depends on the needs, scale and budget of your project. However, our range of fully-automatic systems meet a variety of requirements. This includes variations for the size of the car space, including very narrow car space allotment, as well as variations in capacity. In addition, some systems use lifts and vertical and horizontal conveyors to move the cars.

Each fully automatic system is custom made. Because of the variety of models we have available we create bespoke design based on the needs of the site, number of spaces required and project type.

When you contact us for a consultation, please consider the following elements:

  • number of car spaces required
  • spatial requirements
  • budget requirements
  • lead times
  • level of complexity
  • economy of scale

In addition, it’s also a good idea to consider and get familiar with the MFB guidelines for Automated Vehicle Parking Systems from the Melbourne Fire Brigade

Fully automatic car stacker case study

Melbourne’s Light House Tower in Elizabeth street has one of Australia’s largest multiparking systems.  The MasterVario R3C shelf system provides ample parking for 157 cars in minimal space.

Want to find out more about fully-automatic car stackers? Contact our friendly team for a chat.