Automatic Car Parking Solutions | Car Stacker Showcase


Featuring automatic car parking solutions from Australia and around the world, there’s plenty of car stacking inspiration to be found in our latest projects showcase.

Our automatic car parking solutions showcase

We’re pleased to be sharing our latest collection of brand new automatic and semi-automatic car parking solutions. Featuring projects from Australia and Europe, this showcase represents the very best cutting edge technology when it comes to car parking solutions.

TrendVario 4100 in Erfut, Germany

The TrendVario 4100 ensures that nine car spaces can feature across two levels in this stylish apartment block in Erfut, Germany. The space is optimised with a pit and the shuffle system ensures cars move horizontally and vertically within the space.

Trend Vario 4300 in Germany

Five car spaces are accessible using the just space of a double garage. All drivers enjoy smooth, seamless access for their cars in this project from Germany featuring the TrendVario 4300. The three-level system uses both horizontal and vertical shifting platforms and a pit.

Turntable D450 from Germany

Admittedly, it’s not an automatic car parking solution but we couldn’t resist showing off this terrific turntable project. It makes parking these luxury cars much easier and reduces the chance of unwanted scrapes to the precious exterior.

Check out more turntable projects in our gallery.

Light House Residential Tower, Melbourne

This remains one of Australia’s largest automatic car parking solutions, with 157 car parks featuring the MasterVario R3C. The residential tower features a shelf system that concentrates the parking area of multi storey car parking into a minimal space.

Wilson Street, Victoria

This semi automatic car parking system has up to three levels to accommodate 13 cars using the two level TrendVario 4000 and the three level TrendVario 4300. The striking gates are a design talking point with custom designed exterior panels.

Balcombe Road, Mentone

This project features the three-level TrendVario system to create space for 65 car parks in a single compact area. With our car parking app, users don’t need to exit their car to access the car park. Via the app, users tap to automate the gate mechanism for fast and easy access to a secure car park.

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