Dresden, Germany

multibase 2072i

Dresden, Germany

When guests stand in the terrace garden of this elegant residence, they can see vineyards, the Elbe river and a literal “blue wonder”. This refers to the unofficial name of the blue-painted steel suspension bridge built in the 19th century which is one of the hallmarks of Dresden.

But there are other wonders in the rich greenery and paved outdoor area: the supposed carport actually hides a MultiBase 2072i Outdoor parking system, with the lower platform to provide two additional parking spaces. With a double platform width of 5.40 meters in total, boarding to the vehicles is very comfortable. Thanks to the chosen add of a load of 2.6 tons, even large, heavy vehicles find their place easily. AluLongLife was also selected for the upper level platform surface, which can withstand any weather and still look great.

Even with all that comfort, the owner could keep within the legal requirements with this purchase. Because along the access road to this residence is an absolute no-parking zone, while no garage can be built next to the villa due to its status as an historical listed building. With the double parking system which can discreetly disappear into the ground, KLAUS Multiparking had a completely satisfactory solution to hand.

The owner also found a solution for the roof of the carport: he had an electric folding roof system installed which opens whenever the parking system is raised. That way, the vehicles on top don’t have to be driven out in order to access those on the lower level. Furthermore, the retracted folding roof gives the impression of a modern pergola, which perfectly matches the Italian flair of the overall ensemble.





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