Oldenburg, Germany

multibase 2072i

Oldenburg, Germany

Firms will find office spaces with an excellent infrastructure in the Oldenburg Technology Park (TPO).

There are important institutions such as Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg and the Technology and Start-up Centre (TGO) located in close vicinity.

Our MultiBase2072i Outdoor provides for the expansion of outdoor parking space. This parking system is designed to be protected from the weather. The advantage: there is no need to build an expensive and complex garage construction. A total of 28 parking spaces were created in this way, providing tenants with a comfortable and safe parking space. The platform flooring EasyWalk supplements the system perfectly. The hot-dip galvanized platform profile is closed continuously and therefore especially easy to walk and drive on.

Perfectly suitable for outdoor use.

(Image Oldenburg: David Mark auf Pixabay)



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