Upgraded Weight Capacity

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All TrendVario systems, as well as some Stack Parker systems can be upgraded to accommodate heavier vehicles. KLAUS Multiparking platforms are designed to be upgraded prior to, or even after installation has been completed.

TrendVario Upgrades

The TrendVario series can be upgraded to accommodate vehicles up to 2,600 kg on each platform, such as four-wheel drives and SUVs. Platforms are designed so they may also be upgraded to retrofit an existing installation.

Stack Parker Upgrades

A number of the stack parkers may be upgraded to hold heavier cars. The table below lists stack parker systems which are eligible for a weight upgrade (where EB = single platform and DB = double platform):

Standard Weight Capacity
Upgraded Weight Capacity
Multibase2072i (EB)2,000 kg2,600 kg / 3,000 kg
Multibase2072i (DB)2,000 kg2,600 kg
Multibase2078i (EB)2,000 kg2,600 kg / 3,000 kg
Multibase2078i (DB)2,000 kg2,600 kg
SingleVario20612,000 kg2,600 kg
MultibaseG82 (EB)2,000 kg2,600 kg
MultibaseG63 (EB)2,000 kg2,600 kg
Multibase U1/U2/U32,000 kg2,600 kg
Parkboard PQ2,000 kg2,600 kg
Parkboard PE / PH2,000 kg2,300 kg

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