Invisible Car Parking Space 4.0

Car Stackers

Underground parking with car stackers from KLAUS maximise the use of valuable space for your property and provide the ultimate safety for your vehicle.

The new U10 and U20 MultiBase underfloor systems allow cars to be safely parked underground

There has never been a better way to keep cars hidden from view.

The U10 and U20 MultiBase underfloor platforms from KLAUS let vehicles ‘disappear’ underground. This ensures stress-free and extremely safe parking.

Constant refinement leads to product innovation

In contrast to the previous U1 and U2 underfloor parking, these new parking solutions dispense with external frames altogether. The result? Car parks that are easier to blend into the surroundings.

When the system is closed, not a single car is visible

This is made possible by the integrated guard and freely selectable design of the platform’s surface, which closes flush with the ground and can be fully accessed by the vehicles.

Whether in the front or back garden or any available green area, the MultiBase U10 and U20 underfloor platforms create space where none exists. Up to two parking levels can be safely submerged underground.

Keep your cars safe

Once the vehicles have been lowered into the ground they are completely safe from vandalism, theft and harmful environmental factors such as hailstones.

Hailstorm damage costs millions

  • a Sydney hailstorm in December 2018 caused more than $675 million of damage, and 75 % of the 80,000 insurance claims involved motor vehicles
  • another Sydney hailstorm in 1999 caused $2.3 billion in damages
  • a 2010 hailstorm in Melbourne caused more than 40,00 insurance claims and more than $256 million in damages

Sources: Wikipedia, Sydney Morning Herald , Herald Sun

Space saving, safe and fully customisable

Thanks to their ease of use and space-saving dimensions, our underfloor systems are a particularly attractive solution for private homes where space is a premium. As towns and cities continue to grow, parking spaces are becoming increasingly sparse.  (We’ve previously covered why inner city townhouses need car stackers.) By choosing a space-saving underfloor platform, you get both additional useful space, greater aesthetic freedom (no ugly garage) and safety for your vehicles.

KLAUS has fundamentally redesigned the previous MultiBase U1 and U2 parking systems to create vast improvements in the underfloor platforms. Working with customers, planners, architects and builders, Klaus created a solution that is easier to integrate into the surrounding area and can satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of aesthetics and utility.

No external frames

The MultiBase U10 and U20 platforms dispense with external frames altogether. This not only makes them easier to install, but also ensures they blend more harmoniously into the surroundings. Because the surface finish on the upper platform can be customised, there is potential for virtually unlimited visual creativity.  Turf, sand or paving stones can form the top level surface to ensure your parking system remains perfectly concealed and blends seamlessly with the surrounding elements of the project.

The dimensions

Using either one (U10) or two (U20) platforms that are arranged one above the other, the car stackers can accommodate vehicles with a maximum weight of  2.6 tonnes and a height of up to two metres. This makes ample room for small cars and most larger SUVs and four wheel drives. With a parking space width of 2.7 metres, users also have plenty of room when entering and exiting their vehicles.

Park and smile

The parking process is easy, safe and fast. As the driver, your simply raise and lower the parking system via a control unit. To park, activate the unit as the car comes close to the parking area, then park the car in the stacker, exit your vehicle and notify the control unit.  The car will seamlessly and quietly disappear under the surface. When you want to access your car again, a simple tap on your control unit has the car quickly arriving to the surface and ready for use.