multibase 2042
Car Stacker

Product Information

The MultiBase 2042 base model gets the most out of an existing parking area. This system is the most effective solution, especially with low installation height and depth.


Project Documents

Data Sheet – Multibase 2042 (2MB)


DWG – MULTIBASE 2042 (550KB)


  • Independent parking
  • 2 levels
  • 2 – 4 spaces per stacker
  • Indoor system
  • Pit depth 1,550mm
  • Pit length 5,300mm/5,500mm
  • Pit width anywhere from 2,600mm to 5,300mm
  • Height anywhere from 2,950mm and up
  • Usable platform width anywhere from 2,300mm to 5,000mm
  • Usable platform length 5,000mm/5,200mm
  • Weight options 2.0t
  • No gates required due to key switch operation
  • Slightly angled access to all parking levels


System Accessories

Upgrades and optional extras available for your KLAUS parking system.

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