Car Stackers Training Program For Traffic Engineers


An overview of our recent in-depth traffic engineer training program, showcasing the behind-the-scenes engineering of our car stackers in action.

Traffic engineer training with KLAUS Multiparking

Recently we staged our first traffic engineer training sessions, designed to give traffic engineers an in-depth summary of our car stacker products, and provide behind-the-scenes access to our car stackers in operation.



KLAUS experts presented an overview of our product range and capabilities, demonstrating the numerous benefits of our car stackers, including saving space, improving profitability of projects and allocating more car parks into smaller spaces.

We then took participants into a walkthrough of one of the country’s largest car stacker projects, the 157 space MasterVario R3C at the Light House, a 69-floor residential apartment tower in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

The result was overwhelmingly positive, with traffic engineers appreciating the opportunity to see the fully automated car stacker in action, with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the operational areas of the stackers that the general public cannot access.

We also addressed how to work with end users of the car stackers to ensure they know how to operate the product, as well as the important priority of ongoing safety management.

We plan to offer more sessions for traffic engineers in August 2019 and beyond, so contact us to register your interest in attending. We also plan to stage similar events for architects, which can be conducted in-person at your architecture firm, or in the offices of your client.