Wolfsburg, Germany

multibase 2078i

Wolfsburg, Germany

Directly next to the oldest district of Wolfsburg, Steimker Berg, this new neighborhood benefits from its old-growth trees and cozy squares. At the same time, the inner city is never far away. What makes Steimker Berg special is the diversity of its architecture, which promises residents a range of unique living spaces.

A total of 1,800 residential units have already been realized and planned. The comfort of the generous availability of living space is rounded off by the parking system by KLAUS Multiparking, which has already been installed. The many Multibase 2078i systems, used especially for spaces with limited height, have doubled the available parking from 20 to 40 spaces. Even large vehicles can be accommodated efficiently.

The benefits of these sorts of parking systems become apparent in view of the proximity to the city center. Parking availability can become denser in the same space, which is an enormous advantage for the residents there, saving them the time-consuming search for spaces and long walks to their homes thanks to guaranteed parking. Inside the parking system, the vehicle is also protected from theft, damage and vandalism, not to mention bad weather.

And don‘t forget, the space saved can have an ecological benefit, too – adding to the green space already available.



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