London Westminster, UK

London Westminster, UK

The former district court on Horseferry Road in Westminster has been transformed into an extraordinary residential complex with a total of 129 high-end suites, apartments and two spectacular penthouses. These luxury apartments are set in one of London’s most exclusive areas, within earshot of Big Ben. Almost all of them feature a balcony or terrace and a beautiful inner courtyard garden offers residents a true oasis of relaxation.

In cooperation with our sales partner Double Parking Systems in Great Britain, KLAUS Multiparking has realized a parking solution consisting of 103 parking spaces.

A three-level, semi-automatic TrendVario is used for parking, combined with a drive-through version. This makes a second access lane unnecessary. Parking is very simple: the requested parking space is automatically moved into the entry or exit position, all parking spaces can be accessed horizontally.

Why TrendVario? The TrendVario provides for optimal use of space. More cars can be parked on the same floor space than is the case with conventional solutions. In addition, maximum safety is ensured because the system is secured by gates at the access level. This not only ensures operational safety, but also protects the vehicles from theft and vandalism.



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