La Coruña, Spain

La Coruña, Spain

The parking conditions for a parking garage during the construction of a new multi-family house in the centre of La Coruña in 2018 were extremely unfavourable.

The conventional planning was provided for only four interdependent parking spaces. Dependent signifies that two vehicles are directly behind each other. When the rear vehicle had to be parked out, it was necessary to repark the front vehicle.

However, our partner KLAUS Multiparking Iberia had here an excellent solution: by a very good combination of 2 TrendVario systems, a model TrendVario 4000-405 and a model TrendVario 4200, it was possible to raise the parking space from 4 to 8. Besides the space saving, now also the comfort is focused. Each vehicle can be parked out or parked in, independent of other vehicles. The SmartPortable is used to open the electric gates and the vehicle or the available parking space can be requested.

As the gate fillings can be individually designed, the fillings optimally match the façade of the building.





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