Harmstorf, Germany

multibase U10

Harmstorf, Germany

Harmstorf in northern Germany is home to a grand farm estate with horse stables and a riding hall. The “Stall Eichhof” – a pretty, half-timbered structure with red bricks and a thatched roof – immediately awakens that holiday feeling!

… And recently it has also been equipped with two of our MultiBase U10 parking systems, which double the number of parking spaces. The underfloor parking is almost invisible when lowered and fits discreetly into the double garage of this collection of Hanseatic buildings.

With a generous width of 2.70 m and depth of 5.20 m, the system offers ample space for large-volume vehicles weighing up to 2.6 tonnes. And when a smaller car is parked there, a motorcycle can be conveniently parked next to it. The system is also fitted with the dirt-repellent AluLongLife platform flooring as well as an electrical locking mechanism for the garage side door, providing increased security.

All in all, a very appealing reference project, which we were happy to execute.

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