Wolfsburg, Germany

singlevario 2061

Wolfsburg, Germany

Here in the Hellwinkel rows of townhouses, people can count themselves lucky. For them in the newly built quarter of the city, the main train station and plenty of relaxing green spaces are just a few minutes away by bicycle.

The facades of the two “Wohnzwillinge” buildings are anything but typical. With air collectors installed across the entire surface, the sun’s radiation is captured and stored in the masonry. This is in harmony with the dense wooded area which borders directly on the quarter, bringing nature to its doorstep. The new quarter in intended to be as sustainable as possible. The centrally located promenade is a car-free zone and encourages alternative forms of mobility.

But it’s not quite possible to do without a car entirely, which is why our parking system came into play. What binds the two apartment complexes together is the shared underground parking garage in which the conventional number of parking spaces has been doubled to 24, thanks to twelve SingleVario 2061 type systems. That only required a bit more height in the garage complex in order to be able to park two vehicles on top of each other. At the same time, the horizontal space and the proportion of parking surface required remained unchanged. This system was the ideal choice, since it is uncomplicated and requires no construction. And since the underground garage, thanks to the parking systems, offer sufficient capacity, the cars disappear – highly sustainably – from the streetscape of the quarter.

The double-level parking system Singlevario 2061 – that means dependent parking. For example, cars parked long-term can be raised using the platform and cars that are used quickly and frequently have space on level ground – directly and immediately available at any time. That doesn’t only work for private properties, but also, for example, for doctors’ practices, cosmetic studios and tax consultancies – for any small business where parking has to be made available for customers, patients and clients.



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