Tessenderlo, Belgium

multibase 2072i

Tessenderlo, Belgium

The town of Tessenderlo is in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium. In this small municipality of 19,000 residents, a combination of single and double platforms of our MultiBase 2072i was chosen for an apartment block.
Tessenderlo is in the wealthier region of Belgium, where land prices are at a premium. This is just one of many reasons to employ our parking systems to halve the area used by parked cars. KLAUS Multiparking offers various platform widths: this variability allows for assembly down to the last centimetre, which is the case in Tessenderlo.

A total of 12 large-calibre vehicles with heights of up to 190 cm are well accommodated here. The half-open carport superstructure allows for this comfort, since the vehicles are well protected under the roof, even on the upper platforms.

The owner of the construction project made an excellent choice: the parking system is the perfect match for the distinguished residential environment and increases its prestige value. If that isn’t an incentive for potential tenants and buyers!



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