St Helier, Jersey, British Isles

singleup 3015

St Helier, Jersey, British Isles

The stack parker SingleUp 3015 with three parking levels one above the other.

Jersey is the largest and most populous British island in the English Channel and lies approximately 25 km off the west coast of the Cotentin Peninsula in northern France. This extensively renovated old warehouse is located in the port area of Saint Helier, the capital of Jersey.

KLAUS Multiparking and its sales partner Double Parking Systems were required to store a private car collection in a parking system focusing on saving space and security. With the three parking levels of the SingleUp 3015, it is possible to make optimum use of available space and to expand the parking capacity from three to nine spaces very efficiently. The robust, low-maintenance structure is ideal for car collections or car dealerships. The upper platforms are ideal for long-term parking, e.g. display vehicles, while the lower parking space can be accessed at any time for short-term parking.

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