London, UK

multibase G63

London, UK

The Atlas Building is actually two buildings: a 40-story residential tower and a 9-story office building. Naturally, the significantly taller residential tower the characteristic feature of the complex and a real eye-catcher on the London skyline. Located on the axis of Islington, Shoreditch, Farringdon and the City, the skyscraper offers premium-quality with its more than 300 apartments and penthouses.

And where people live, they also park. That’s why the Atlas Building contains eight MultiBase G63 systems, which provide triple parking spaces as conventional parking. In other words, three cars can be parked above one another in a single parking space. That includes larger vehicles with correspondingly greater weight – child’s play with the additional load of 2.5 tons.

All of the systems are installed in the single-platform variation, meaning that each vehicle sits on its own platform separated from the others. This allows for damage due to neighboring vehicles, such as opening doors, to be entirely excluded. The MultiBase G63 also provides the comfort of independent parking since every vehicle can be moved out of the system at any time.

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