Aachen, Germany

parkboard PE / PH

Aachen, Germany

In this project, the object again was to create additional parking spaces. Because the parking area in the underground garage was large enough and could therefore be used for further parking spaces, KLAUS Multiparking had the perfect solution with its ParkBoards PE. In all, eight systems were installed in front of the parking bays and can be moved lengthwise as needed. The palettes can be driven on with no problem and provide a stable base for the vehicles. One more point in their favour: moving the palettes nearly always provides comfortable access for entering or leaving on all sides of the vehicle, as well as loading and unloading.

Installation can be carried out without significant difficulty in most existing underground garages and otherwise has no particular structural requirements. Compared to other parking systems, the palettes shine with less technical equipment required for their function and operation and are therefore are particularly long-lasting and low-maintenance. The high quality and precise assembly are a testament to components “Made in Germany”, just like KLAUS Multiparking.



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