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TrendVario systems are supplied with standard perforated galvanised steel plate (1 mm) gates, framed in extruded aluminium to create a strong but lightweight enclosure over the front of the system. Damage caused by vehicle impact can be quickly and easily repaired. Panels and segments can now be exchanged rather than having to replace the whole gate.

Gates can also be matched to the front of the building, and a total of twelve colour options are available for the beaded steel plates. If a more natural look is preferred, gates made from Nordic spruce panels are also available. Alternatively for a clean, modern look, TrendVario system gates are also available in laminated glass.

Plain Alumimium Sheet, 2 mm


  • Thickness 2 mm, E6/EV1, anodized, layer thickness approx. 20mm

Perforated Aluminium Plate, 2 mm


  • Thickness 2 mm, RV 5/8 E6/EV1, anodized, layer thickness approx. 20 mm
  • Ventilation cross-section of the panelling approx. 40%

Beaded Steel Plate, 1 mm


  • Thickness 1 mm, hot-dip, layer thickness approx. 20mm
  • Additional powder coating, many RAL colours available
  • Layer thickness approx. 25 mm on the outside and approx. 12 mm on the inside

Wooden Panel


  • Nordic spruce, grade A
  • Vertical tongue and groove boardsPreimpregnated (colourless)

Laminated Safety Glass Panel


  • LSG consisting of ESG 8/4 mm

Perforated Aluminium Plate


  • Thickness 1.5 mm, RV 5/8 E6/EV1, anodised layer thickness approx. 20 µm
  • Ventilation cross-section of the panelling approx. 30%

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