Product Information

BikeSafe can be used to safely park both a bike and vehicle on the same platform, making intelligent use of available space. This accessory can be quickly and easily installed to any KLAUS Multiparking system.

BikeSafe can either be installed lengthwise on the driver’s side, or crosswise at the front of the parking space. The height of the pedal stand can also be adjusted to accommodate a variety of bicycle types.


Product Documents

Brochure – Bikesafe Xs Xl (358Kb)

BikeSafe XS for Bicycles

  • fast, secure bike parking
  • easy to use
  • suitable for all bicycles
  • stable stand with no toppling

BikeSafe XL for Motorcycles

  • fast, secure motorcycle parking
  • easy to use
  • motorcycle main/side stands not required
  • stable stand with no toppling
  • tyre sizes 12 – 21 inches
  • tyre widths up to 210 mm

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