Automated Parking Garage


KLAUS Multiparking ANZ is the leading supplier of automated parking solutions in Australia and the clear choice for a premium garage solution for 17 Spring Street Melbourne VIC

Developed by CBUS as a premium residential building in Melbourne CBD, the brief was for a fully automated parking garage for 39 car spaces. KLAUS supplied and installed the MasterVario R3 which is a parking system with a centralised storage and retrieval unit that moves cars into storage bays, similar to a robotic high-bay warehouse.

“The architect designed a single access point for cars which suits MasterVario system perfectly,” said Design Coordinator, Danyle Saleika. “The access point at ground level is only the size of a single garage and the cars are stored over three levels at level one and two of the building. This saves considerable space in the overall building design.”

Residents drive their car into the building on the ground floor and exit the vehicle. The system checks the dimensions of the car as it enters. The car is then picked up and parked robotically into its allocated bay.

“Residents are fully inducted into the system that is operated via remote control and monitored via a series of cameras,” said Danyle.

“There is also a concierge panel so you can call ahead and as well as charging stations for electric cars.”

The KLAUS service team is available 24/7 to ensure the system runs as smoothly and reliably as possible, and with 20 plus years experience with parking systems, KLAUS have the expertise to provide quality service.

Architects, traffic engineers, developers, builders and private residential clients choose KLAUS both for their cutting-edge products as well as their experience in finding effective and efficient parking solutions with seamless project integration.

KLAUS are reknowned for being on time, on budget, with reliable maintenance and friendly customer service.

The Australian office was launched in 2003 to meet a clear market demand for parking solutions that delivered on design, features and service support. The combination of German technology and manufacturing innovation with Australian customer service is what makes KLAUS Multiparking ANZ the leading provider of automated parking solutions.

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