mastervario S
Fully-Automatic System

Product Information

The MasterVario S is cost-effective, comfortable and space-saving – with all the special features you’d expect a smart, fully-automatic machine. The type MasterVario S can be installed underground even from a ground width of approximately 3.0 m and can be optimally adapted to its environment. The “SmartParker” can create parking spaces for up to 23 cars. The transfer booth, which is raised for entry and exit at the drive-in level, can be crossed in the lowered state. It offers systems for three possible vehicle heights as well as three different vehicle lengths.

In up to maximum six park levels, as well as between one and four parking spaces per level, up to 23 parking spaces per system can be realised on a minimum floor area. The MasterVario S model is the premium solution for the smallest of grounds with a minimal footprint with retractable transfer station. From standard cars to SUVs – the MasterVario S type recognizes the height of your vehicle and finds the appropriate parking space.


Project Documents





  • for maximum 23 vehicles
  • surface area: small and narrow
  • required installation width 3000mm and up
  • two to six parking levels
  • one to four parking spaces per parking level
  • vehicle dimensions: two vehicle heights and three vehicle lengths possible
  • standard version: 2.0 t per parking space, 2.6t possible on request
  • underground arrangement with retractable entry station
  • simple or double arrangement is possible in front of and / or behind the entry station
  • entry station placement at ground level and overrun / overpassed when lowered
  • lift with horizontal and vertical conveyor
  • operation: access control via transponder and control terminal
  • freely designed surface: lids in bath tubing, which
    can be adapted to the environment according to the customer’s requirements (eg stone covering, lawn)

The most important advantages at a glance

  • optimal access times
  • secure vehicle accommodation
  • protection against theft and damage
  • safe access to the parking area without narrow ramps or dark accesses
  • reconstructed space can be reduced by up to 50 percent compared to conventional parking spaces
  • space requirements for ramps and lanes are not required
  • saving park levels including their equipment (lighting, ventilation, sprinkler systems)
  • reduction of construction time
  • use of the saved construction volume for additional parking space or other purposes


Upgrades and optional extras available for your KLAUS parking system.

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